Custom Jewelry

Your dreams, ideas and creativity combine to create custom jewelry. Nothing says "YOU" better than a beautiful piece of custom-made jewelry. The Tucker's Fine Jewelry & Gift Gallery's jewelers specialize in creating one-of-a-kind jewelry, customized to our customers' unique tastes. For us, each piece truly is a labor of love.

There are many ways to construct a piece of jewelry. Often times we start out by hand-carving a life-sized model out of jewelers wax. Once this model is approved, we then invest it into a plastic mold. The mold is heated over several hours to approximately 1500 degrees to burn out the wax. This technique is called "lost wax casting." Our jewelers then force molten gold or silver into the mold. Once the metal has cooled, our jewelers carefully clean and polish the newly born piece of jewelry to perfection. Stones are also set at this stage. 

Quite a lot of our customers choose to use materials, which they already own; old rings, broken chains and other jewelry just sitting there in the jewelry box. Our jewelers will melt down your old jewelry and turn it into your new piece. This is a great way to use that sentimental piece of jewelry that you don't enjoy wearing anymore. We love creating your "WOW" so bring it in and let's get started!

While you may come in anytime to meet with our jewelers, it is best to schedule an appointment ahead of time.